GOP should acknowledge ACA success

Several days ago, a survey by the Associated Press in Time Magazine found support for President Barack Obama’s signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, at 26 percent (its lowest in its four-year lifetime). The national media howled, including this excerpt from a Fox News article:   “President Obama is struggling to stop the steady slide […]

Sandy shows the importance of community

Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast with unparalleled ferocity, toppling houses, flooding streets and pulverizing hundreds of miles of coastline. Yet, amidst the brutality of the storm, small acts of kindness have bolstered individual morale to face the challenges ahead. Government action plans are instrumental in disaster relief, but the altruism and warm hearts of […]

Online profiles deserve privacy

Hide your beers and hide your bongs — your future bosses are climbing into your Facebook accounts, snatching your pictures up. According to a survey by Vault, a recruiting website, three out of every four employers use Facebook in the hiring process. Conscientious job applicants know employers check digital trails. Few USC students need to […]