Violence spreads to Syria

Violence in the Middle East has spread to Syria, where the army has launched a major military operation in the southern city of Daraa.

Several witnesses reported the bodies of those killed and wounded in the operation lying in the streets.  Another witness reported around 3,000 soldiers in the city breaking into houses and firing randomly on citizens.

Syrian authorities also closed the country’s border with Jordan, preventing citizens from fleeing the offensive. Amnesty international reported at least 75 deaths across the country Friday.

Anti-government protests in Syria began last month following a violent crackdown by security forces against demonstrators protesting the arrests of youths for scribbling graffiti.


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  1. zman
    zman says:

    It’s US intelligence that’s foment the chaos by using facebook,twitter and manipulating the people.. They want to overthrow the pro-Iranian, pro-Russian assad and put in a US puppet.. It’s mostly the armed gangs that are killing people nothing else.

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