Government must not give up on Head Start programs

Every person deserves a chance, and some even deserve to have a head start in the right direction. With recent cuts to the federal program Head Start that provides underprivileged children with instructional preschool, however, the chance to rise out of cyclical poverty through education might be taken away. In the current climate of the […]

Sequestration may be necessary

After months of doomsday predictions regarding the imminent enactment of across-the-board spending cuts, the sequester is finally set to go into effect this Friday. The emergency cuts, which were part of a deal struck between Congress and President Barack Obama in 2011 to extend the United States’ borrowing authority and cut the budget deficit, will […]

Violence spreads to Syria

Violence in the Middle East has spread to Syria, where the army has launched a major military operation in the southern city of Daraa. Several witnesses reported the bodies of those killed and wounded in the operation lying in the streets.  Another witness reported around 3,000 soldiers in the city breaking into houses and firing […]