Students should take advantage of activism resurgence

Hundreds of protestors converged on the New York Stock Exchange Monday to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Occupy movement. For many present, the celebration reawakened an energy they had not felt since the protest was officially evicted from New York’s Zuccotti Park last November. For those of us far from The Big Apple, the […]

Letter to the editor

Protests misguided As a USC political science major, I am appalled that the USC College Democrats are proudly and openly associating with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The USC College Democrats had an Occupy USC protest on Oct. 24 to protest the social injustice done by Wall Street. It’s one thing to oppose corruption and […]

Discussion more proactive than protesting

As the Occupy Wall Street movement continues, spreading across many cities in America, USC students seem to be absent from the action. Two students attempted to initiate an “Occupy USC” movement, which was not met with support. The Daily Trojan recently reported that perhaps students are more politically involved through dialogue than through protests. Regardless […]

US too dependent on foreign oil

In an effort to lessen our dependence on a finite resource, President Barack Obama this week called for a repeal of billions of dollars in government subsidies to oil companies. The repealed subsidies amount to $4 billion annually. The president said the money can be invested directly into what he believes is the future of […]

Violence spreads to Syria

Violence in the Middle East has spread to Syria, where the army has launched a major military operation in the southern city of Daraa. Several witnesses reported the bodies of those killed and wounded in the operation lying in the streets.  Another witness reported around 3,000 soldiers in the city breaking into houses and firing […]