Beer for the romantic in you

A musky July evening. The sound of castanets flutters through the air. A red scarf descends to the floor. A single breath dances from your lips, you feel your lover’s heart quaking like the crusts of Vesuvius and somewhere, beyond many seas and mountains, a child is born. There’s nothing quite like a summer fling, […]


Event of the Week: The Psychedelic Furs at The Music Box Saturday. 6 p.m. Whether you’re a connoisseur of forgotten rock or you simply waited too long to buy tickets to Explosions in the Sky’s sold-out cemetery gig, the good folks at The Music Box have you covered. English legends The Psychedelic Furs will roll […]

Small things can help change your food life

We’re in the midst of food crisis in America. No, not our lack of legislation to protect small, independent farmers, not the growth of fast food and obesity and not the factory farms and slaughterhouses in this country that look more like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre than somewhere we get food. These are all problems, […]

US too dependent on foreign oil

In an effort to lessen our dependence on a finite resource, President Barack Obama this week called for a repeal of billions of dollars in government subsidies to oil companies. The repealed subsidies amount to $4 billion annually. The president said the money can be invested directly into what he believes is the future of […]