Trojans team in class all on its own

I remember 2004 and 2005 just as much as the next person. It was a time defined by wardrobe malfunctions, Shaq and Kobe’s split, a search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and, yes, USC’s dominance on the football field. Sure, who doesn’t like a national championship-caliber team now and again, but sometimes you just […]

Smooth tunes

Ferrante Combo bandmembers Carlo Kretzschmar, a graduate student studying jazz studies (right), and Michael Czaja, a junior majoring in jazz studies, play as part of the first Thornton School of Music Jazz Night Series at Ground Zero Performance Café on Thursday. Six more will be held on Thursdays from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Discriminatory event overshadows message

How much are you worth? According to UC Berkeley College Republicans, I am worth $1 for being Latina. But because I’m a female, I’m eligible for a $0.25 discount. How generous. On Tuesday, UC Berkeley College Republicans hosted a satirical bake sale, titled “Increase Diversity” bake sale. At the event, cupcakes were available for purchase, […]