Geragos, Prasad sworn into office

Undergraduate Student Government President Mikey Geragos and Vice President Vinnie Prasad were sworn in at the USG Senate meeting Tuesday in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center.

New term · Mikey Geragos was sworn in as Undergraduate Student Government president at the USG Senate meeting on Tuesday. - Matthew Wunderlich | Daily Trojan

Twelve senators were also sworn in at the meeting. Sophomores Ryan Park, Matthew Arkfeld and Alexander Cascante are the new Greek senators; junior Josh DeMilta, sophomore Maheen Sahoo and freshmen Jasmine McAllister, Emma Katz, Sona Shah and Sarah Loh are residential senators; and juniors Adam Prohoroff, Vicken Antounian and Ani Tatintsyan are commuter senators.

Before the students were sworn in by USG Chief Justice Alex Fadil, Logan Lachman made her final announcement as USG vice president.

“I just want to thank you all for a great year. I will remember every moment of it,” Lachman said. “Good luck to Mikey and Vinnie and USG.”

Once sworn in, Prasad led his first Senate meeting of the year. Prasad said one of his main goals as vice president is to make USG projects and the Senate more transparent to students.

“In the future, when we’re discussing a big topic, like smoking or bikes, I want to have it in the Admissions Center and have students who care about that issue show up,” Prasad said. Senate meetings are open to the entire student body and I want to make that more apparent.”

Monish Tyagi also gave his final address as USG president at the meeting.

“It has been a joy and a privilege to serve as USG president this year,” Tyagi said. “It makes me incredibly proud to pass the torch to one of my best friends.”

Tyagi said he has high hopes for the new administration. He advised all new officers to keep their energy levels high throughout their term.

In his inaugural address, Geragos thanked Tyagi and Lachman and expressed his intention to work tirelessly to create change during his time in office.

“We have many things to fix, and most of the issues that we will face will not be solved in our first semester, nor will they be solved by the end of our administration,” Geragos said. “They will possibly go with this university as long as it is functioning. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying.”

Chief of Staff Kameron Burk also announced the appointed executive cabinet at the meeting.

Geragos said he was excited to officially announce his executive cabinet positions, for which 95 applicants were interviewed. He also said he is eager to begin his work as USG president.

“[I learned] how USG works on a day-to-day basis. Being a director and a senator in years past, you don’t understand the planning and the overall communication,” Geragos said. “What a lot of people will see differently this year is that we will be doing a lot more collaboration with the departments in USG. We’re going to pool our resources and be more effective.”


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