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Greek Life

As a student at USC, I enjoy the article by Nick Cimarusti titled “Non-Greeks Can Still Have a Social Life.”  However, as a member of USC Greek Life, the use of a somewhat insulting cliché as a hook is disappointing.

As you are probably aware, the Greek system is currently in the process of improving the safety of all students attending parties on The Row.  The fraternities and sororities are all working overtime to try and solve these problems.  Therefore, reading the description of Greek Life as “join[ing] a house, get[ting] wasted every weekend [and] schlep[ing] our way through classes” is especially offensive because of how inaccurate it is.  The Daily Trojan, unlike the Betches article, is written by USC students and should equally represent all communities at USC, Greek Life or not.

Although Cimarusti may have only been trying to write a catchy piece, he presented a controversial cliché without ever denying it later in the article.  He may not have been directly describing USC, but the overall impression of the Greek system as a group of partiers without aspirations or ambitions is still conveyed.  The Daily Trojan should be supportive, or at least not disrespectful, of Greek Life and what it stands for unless it is prepared to also print the stereotypes of GDIs and other communities present at USC, which would be harmful overall.

We are all members of the Trojan Family and I hope in the future your writers and editors make sure that if they do plan on printing an insulting description like the one in this article, they also plan on refuting it.

Moreover, as a student at Annenberg, this article has created a negative opinion of the Daily Trojan in my mind and other Greeks.

Rayne Chapman

Sophomore, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism


The 1.5 generation

This summer, President Barack Obama implemented a new immigration policy that would halt deportation of illegal immigrant children. Individuals under the age of 30 who arrive to the United States before the age of 16 would be eligible for immunity, granted that they meet eligibility requirements, which mirror the requirements of the DREAM Act. Many believe that by waiving immigration laws passed by Congress, Obama has shown disregard for the way our government works. I believe that the president is giving a generation of children the right to live their dreams, which is the foundation that America is built on.

The 1.5 generation. The generation that speaks English fluently, embraces every aspect of culture and identifies themselves as American. Sadly, it isn’t until between the ages of 16 to 18 when these children ultimately learn the truth, when they want to learn to drive and they graduate high school and they learn that their dreams are no longer achievable because of their illegal status. The 1.5 generation was brought to the United States illegally at a very young age with no voice, no choice and a decision that was made for them, yet they are punished for something they did not ask for.

It is important for society to understand that this new immigration policy and the DREAM Act will not automatically grant amnesty to every child. Only about 50,000 children across the nation will actually be eligible based on the requirements set in place. While many may see the policy as a short-term remedy for illegal immigration, it is a start as it will provide the 1.5 generation the  opportunity to follow a strict, structured pathway toward legal status while bettering American society as a whole. Children will have the opportunity to attend higher education or serve in the military. While many are outraged by the short-term solution, the fact of the matter is: How will we ever know if a long-term solution is even possible without giving this a try first?

It’s time for these children to believe and follow their hopes and dreams, in the only way they know how, in the only place they truly know as home: America.

Andrea Arroyo

Graduate student, School of Social Work

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  1. Gabriel
    Gabriel says:


    Read the comments following this sorority article:


    The self-aggrandizing, shallow attitudes are those expected from a 3rd or 4th tier academic university. If this is a sample of the intellectualism of Greeks, USC has more to worry about than excessive alcohol/drugs/sexual behavior on the Row. USC needs to attract and keep attractive and intellectually competent students, not those with caricaturish attitudes and vacuous beliefs. The Row is sinking USC and no amount of sugar coating will be enough, nor does it seem there is sufficient insight and self-reflection from that part of campus to prevent a USC Titanic remake. The Row needs help.

  2. Gabriel
    Gabriel says:


    As noted in Annenberg news, USC #2 party school. You and the Row are getting the same feedback from within and without. Maybe better to acknowledge it and do some soul searching before all the gains in stature USC has made are reversed by the Row culture. Perhaps you are little too close to see the forest from the beer.

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