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New measures demand attention

Last week voters across the country approved measures that will change the face of American education. In California, Proposition 30 passed, allowing for a tax increase on the wealthiest Californians to fund K-12 schools as well as state colleges and universities. In Washington and Georgia, voters passed a law to allow charter schools to operate, […]

State, nation should not grant amnesty

Last Wednesday, Los Angeles City Council members approved the creation of a controversial city identification card that could be used by illegal immigrants to open bank accounts and access city services, such as libraries. The purpose of the cards is to incorporate Los Angeles’ vast undocumented population into civic life. This new policy only exacerbates […]

Round 2: The aftermath of the Obama-Romney debate

Obama’s performance: Elena Kadvany Tonight, the real president showed up. President Barack Obama was passionate, focused, eloquent, defensive — in short, he was the man who inspired so many voters four years ago, the man who still has the power to do so today. The town hall format of the second presidential debate forced Obama […]

How did Univision’s interviews affect Obama and Romney?

Last week, presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney spoke separately on the Spanish-language television channel Univision to address issues regarding the Latino community and, of course, to attempt to woo Latino voters. Obama’s failure to follow through on plans for immigration reform during his first term was highlighted in the Univision forum. Moderator Jorge […]

Letters to the editor

Greek Life As a student at USC, I enjoy the article by Nick Cimarusti titled “Non-Greeks Can Still Have a Social Life.”  However, as a member of USC Greek Life, the use of a somewhat insulting cliché as a hook is disappointing. As you are probably aware, the Greek system is currently in the process […]