This Week in Photos: Mar. 20 – Mar. 23

“This Week in Photos” highlights the biggest stories of the week. Woods to miss all of spring practice>>   Dornsife needs to become cohesive>>   Hunger Games copes with modern issues>>   Panel discusses implications of a federal Dream Act>>   Building a program takes time>>   Film reshapes perspectives on bullying>>   Two former […]

Letters to the editor

Distracted riders problematic In the classic arcade game Frogger, one must maneuver from point to point while avoiding numerous hazards in the road. Jumping from left to right, one must always be on the lookout for potential collisions, as even a slight misstep could result in devastating catastrophe. Constant vigilance is key to traversing these […]

DREAM Act milestone for equality

Last week Gov. Jerry Brown signed the second half of the California Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act into law, which will allow undocumented college students to apply for financial aid at state universities. The act, first introduced in 2001, has two parts: AB130 and AB131. AB130 was signed into law in July […]

Brown signs DREAM Act into law

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law Sunday the state’s DREAM Act, which would allow illegal immigrants to gain access to financial aid for college, while at the same time rejecting the bill allowing schools to reintroduce affirmative action. High-achieving students who are accepted to any of the state’s universities — including the University […]