Clubs need to update safety regulations

In the early hours of Sunday morning, at least 235 young adults lost their lives in a fire at the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria, Brazil. Tears have been shed, but from the ashes, an opportunity to create a safer, more civil, less rule-bending community should be salvaged — not just at the club, but […]

Thornton Symphony Impresses with Sounds About Town

Saturday, January 27th, USC’s Thornton Symphony Orchestra and Concert Choir performed Sounds About Town at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Nearly all the seats were filled with students and families. It’s rare to see so many younger people at classical performances, but this time, Trojan pride won everyone over. Audience members applauded excitedly as Carl […]

Kiffin’s acceptance of blame a step forward

Better late than never, I guess.Such was my initial reaction to USC coach Lane Kiffin’s apology of sorts for the disastrous 2012 football season. In a two-hour interview with ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski, Kiffin accepted blame for all that went wrong last season, admitting that he is a “coaching work in progress” and that he needs […]