Eli’s DT 4-1-1: Week of 10/19

USC News

  • Campus Climate Reform:The undergraduate and graduate student governments met this past week to discuss campus climate at USC. Their resolutions were chock full of new administrative reforms. Both groups want to see more policies created to improve diversity on campus.
    • The 411: The student governments are not messing around when it comes to diversity!

Campus Activities

  • Zombie Run: Students gathered in Pardee Plaza last Friday to participate in the Zombie Run 5K, and it sounds like it was pretty successful. Who knew the undead could be so entertai… Oh, yeah — The Walking Dead. Never mind.
    • The 411: Zombie Run = Flag Football + Zombie Apocalypse + Happy USC Students

College Life

  • Study Habits: Don’t you just hate when your friend who doesn’t study gets an “A” on a test? Then I think this list about study habits is perfect for you.
    • The 411: Let’s be real here. We all study in different ways. So don’t pass judgment on those strategic procrastinators out there.
  • Social Media: I’m sure we’ve all had that moment of agony when you wake up the next morning and see a not so great picture from the night before. Social media can haunt anyone out there. So, no RAGRETS!!!!
    • The 411:Remember all those companies you’re trying to get an internship at next semester? Yeah, they look at social media, too. Just saying.

Student Voices

  • Fall Break: “Adding so much in to a semester because there is little time and then rejecting time off because there is too much stress for all that needs to be done is a glaring sign that something needs to change.” – Athanasius Georgy, DT Columnist
  • Free Speech: “The contemporary fight against microaggressions carries the weight of a long history of marginalized student groups trying to improve campus environment for students in the future.” – Kristen Woodruff, DT Columnist


  • Golf Girls: The Women of Troy finished and won second place at the Stanford Intercollegiate after three crazy days of playing!
    • The 411: The Women of Troy are the true underdog champs!

Pop Culture

  • J is for Julia: On Wednesday, Sesame Street announced a new character named Julia. She is the first autistic character on the show. She was created to spread awareness about children with autism.
    • The 411: A is for Awesome! Go Sesame Street!

Bonus: Food

  • The 411: Guacamole is the greatest thing, and whoever says otherwise has never eaten it before.


Eli Goodstein is a junior broadcast and digital journalism major. His newsletter, “Eli’s DT 4-1-1,” runs every Friday.