Eli’s DT 4-1-1: Week of 11/9

USC News

  • Diversity – The Sequel: After postponing the vote two weeks ago, the Undergraduate Student Government finally approved the campus climate resolution. The resolution passed with an 11-1 vote, but not without some heated debate over a plethora of issues.
    • The 411: The resolution is one step toward improving diversity on campus.
  • LGBT Community: The average size of most LGBT resource centers at universities across the country is about 1,200 square feet. A new study shows the USC LGBT resource center is way too tiny. An office that holds enough people to break the California fire code needs some serious reevaluation.
    • The 411: The LGBT resource center on campus needs a new office space as much as the people complaining about the new Starbucks cups need to seriously stop.

Campus Activities

  • Class Registration: Are you an undeclared major? Is the thought of next semester giving you anxiety? I’ve got just the thing to calm those nerves. Here are four tips to make class registration a breeze.
    • The 411: Just a spoonful of advice helps the stress levels go down! Now, tell me you didn’t just sing that like Julie Andrews.

College Life

  • Food Porn: If you are a foodie, you are my new best friend. If you are an amateur chef, you are the light in my life. If you just love to eat food, we need to hang out some time. For now, though, feast your eyes on these 10 Instagrams you need to be following.
    • The 411: Anyone feeling hungry? I could go for some red velvet cake right now.

Student Voices

  • Point: “Though the government has attempted to handle this job, many cases get swept under the rug or the wrong people have been accused. Thus, if colleges were afforded more authority in this arena, it would give the victims an opportunity to feel supported. One in five is just too many.” – Danni Wang, DT Lifestyle Editor
  • Counterpoint: “Without federal government intervention, universities go virtually unchecked by outside entities. It’s not that individual universities are inherently untrustworthy, but rather that their incentives require a closer evaluation of whether they will properly enforce sexual assault policies.” – Sonali Seth, DT Editorial Director
    • The 411: It’s a tough call, but universities and the government have a substantial stake in sexual assault cases.


  • Young Talent: The homecoming football game was one for the books, especially with RoJo leading the charge. This week, we face those pesky Colorado Buffaloes, which has many wondering how the climate will affect the performance of the players. I’m pretty sure we’ve handled worse things than cold weather this year. I’m just saying.
    • The 411:An emerging football star has what it takes to make USC a contender. I like the sound of that. How about you?

Pop Culture

  • Finding Dory: The trailer for the upcoming Finding Nemo sequel premiered on The Ellen Degeneres Show this week. This movie will take Dory front and center as she discovers where she was born. Albert Brooks and Willem Dafoe return to voice the clownfish Marlin and the moorish idol Gill. The film will open in theaters June 17, 2016.
    • The 411: Pixar has never failed me. Mostly. I just need to pretend Cars 2 never happened.

Bonus: Coffee

  • The Battle of the Bean:Dunkin’ Donuts started selling their new holiday cups this week. They have the word “joy” and a Christmassy color scheme. Meanwhile, some people are freaking out over the solid red Starbucks cups, which seem to lack any Christmas spirit. I sense some hostility brewing.
    • The 411: How do snowmen, evergreen trees and snowflakes reflect Christmas? Did I miss a memo?