Run River North set to play concert at the Teregram Ballroom

Folk band Run River North just released its sophomore album, Drinking From A Salt Pond, this past Friday, capturing the attention of many with their breathtaking harmonies and clever arrangements. Made up of six L.A. natives, with one USC alum, Daniel Chae, on vocals and violin, the band can be seen this Tuesday at the […]

USC alumni steals the spotlight at LACMA

Frank Gehry, a 1954 graduate of USC, currently has an exhibit on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The exhibition captured the life’s work of the influential and acclaimed architect. There were seven different galleries, each pertaining to a specific epoch of his career. The first gallery, De-composition | Segmentation, focused on Gehry’s […]

Finding the quality within the quantity

Last weekend, I went on a date. Having suffered a recent heartbreak following a disastrous five-month quasi-relationship, I’ve been keeping a low profile within L.A.’s gay dating scene. Or rather, I’ve kept no profile at all, having deleted all dating apps from my phone in hopes of deflecting any form of temptation. However, regardless of […]

The Oscars 2016: Red Carpet Recap

The Oscar’s is the pinnacle of red carpet events in the land of fame and fortune. It is “the denouement” of all red carpet events and all red carpet coverage, according to The New York Times. Last night, celebrities pulled all the stops for a coveted spot on the best-dressed list. See the red carpet […]

Ask Tiffany: Join the SCenior Stress Party!

Hi Tiffany! I am a senior, graduating in May (LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS AAAHHH!!!). I need your advice. I’m trying to live up my senior year as best I can, but I sometimes feel like I am drowning in a pile of work. I thought senior year was supposed to be fun and carefree? I […]

Love U: Letting her go — when a friendship crosses the point of no return

From break ups to make ups and everything in between, “Love U” captures the nuances of college students’ relationships. “Love U” runs in DeeTs on Mondays. I don’t remember the first time I met her. It must have been some time freshman year — we lived in the same building and had mutual friends — […]