Scandal at UC Davis points to larger issues

Valerie Yu

As former Undergraduate Student Government President Rini Sampath penned in a recent Facebook post, “University administrators, whose primary concern should be their work with student scholars, have shifted their priorities to running a multi-billion dollar business.” Last Wednesday, the Sacramento Bee brought to light a stark reminder of that progression — UC Davis’ costly efforts […]

Wearable technology holds cautious promise

Valerie Yu

For better or worse, smarter or dumber, the booming industry of wearable technology continues to shape the landscape of health and fitness today. Fitbit announced last week that it has sold more than a million units of Fitbit Blaze, the company’s first smartwatch, in the first month of sales. Fitbit Alta, its newest fitness tracker, […]

Medical missions should remember sustainability

Valerie Yu

It’s hard to believe that spring break ended less than a week ago. From alternative breaks at Navajo Nation in Utah to brigades all the way in Honduras, many students committed their seven days to humanitarian causes. These experiences bring a slew of benefits, but there’s always the risk of doing more harm than good […]

Students should heed the dangers of speed

Valerie Yu

Spring break may be just around the corner, but this week, midterms take center stage. It’s times like these that the fear of falling behind pushes some to extreme measures — sometimes in the form of Adderall, a psychoactive drug commonly prescribed to treat attention deficit disorders. It’s more often than not used as an […]

USC should improve nutrition on campus

In a nation currently battling epidemics of obesity, heart disease and diabetes, it’s time that hospitals and schools feel obligated — not just incentivized — to provide healthy dining options. A piece by The Atlantic written by gastroenterologist Dr. Shilpa Ravella last week underscored a simple point — having hospitals house fast food chains doesn’t […]

Could a new search engine save patients?

Valerie Yu

These days, considering the astronomical amount of information it has on you, chances are, your search engine has achieved creeper status. It probably knows the stores you frequent, the restaurants you’ve scanned Yelp for — and maybe even a few medical issues. At IBM, inventor James Kozloski recently filed a patent for technology that takes […]

SoulCycle apparel commodifies fitness and health

Valerie Yu

Target has collaborated with high-end brands and designers in the past, but its recent partnership with SoulCycle will be its first time teaming up with a fitness company. The boutique fitness chain’s 10-city tour, complete with six free classes a day and a capsule collection of lower-priced Soul-branded apparel at select Target locations, stops by […]