Millennials can still be inspired, even in tragedy

Last Saturday while I was out with friends, I received a harrowing text message. It was from my one of my cousins in Ohio whom I haven’t talked to in a few months. “Strange,” I thought before swiping right to open the text. The text said that my older cousin Will Smith, the former NFL […]

Nostalgia plays role for ‘lame-duck’ students

As we all know by now, there’s a presidential election taking place. Well, at least, I hope everyone reading this knows that. Regardless, the outcome of this presidential election will make President Barack Obama a “lame-duck” president come November. The phrase “lame-duck” implies that an elected official’s time in office is soon coming to an […]

“Millennial” should be more inclusive

When you think about the term “millennial,” what image comes to your head? No, seriously, think about it. If you start getting the outline of someone who is white, upper-middle class and college-educated, then the mass media has done its job. The Pew Research Center defined millennials as those born between 1982 and 20 years […]

USC must diversify its scholarship offerings

This weekend, I broke one of the cardinal rules of being a millennial — I willingly disconnected myself from social media. As a participant in the Posse Plus Retreat, I spent the weekend away from USC’s campus with a group of my peers to talk about the power of language in a diverse society. This […]

More students should look toward P.E. classes

A universal fact about college is that when midterm season rolls around, the stress levels among students rise exponentially. This midterm season, I have noticed, has been particularly stressful for students as the projects, papers and exams pile up. I fell victim to this last week as I tried to master time management to keep stress […]

Millennials must make their own milestones

Today is my birthday. It is a birthday I have been looking forward to for at least a decade because it is also my golden birthday. I turn 22 years old on this 22nd day of February. I’ve been told that this birthday is an insignificant one. I celebrated the most monumental one last year […]

Photos test millennials’ ties with black history

Every year, February rolls around and people in the United States scramble. We scramble because we’re thinking of how to celebrate Black History Month in a way that acknowledges the significance of the month. We know that it’s coming, but after 40 years of its official designation, it can sometimes seem like the month has […]

Self-education is vital to political engagement

If you haven’t heard by now, there’s a presidential election taking place. No, I’m not referring to the one on the USC campus for Undergraduate Student Government but instead the one for the White House. The bid for the U.S. presidency is revving up today, as all the candidates stump across Iowa and the state’s […]

Millennials are like the world of virtual reality

This past Saturday at the Los Angeles Convention Center thousands of techies, college students and execs peered into the future together. At Virtual Reality Los Angeles, billed as the world’s largest independent VR conference, producers, directors and creatives showed off their latest 360-degree work. Nokia pulled out its new camera, filmmakers screened their refined work […]