Man’s best friend is bound by science

With the arrival of warm spring weather, the purse pup is popping up again. Chihuahuas, pugs, terriers and other scantily furred little dogs won’t convulse to death if taken outdoors anymore, so their Los Angeles owners can once again sport them as accessories. You don’t see people wearing kittens, parrots or hamsters. Dogs are unique […]

Convenient approach creates a hot mess

On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency finalized its study of a permit program designed to curb the release of greenhouse emissions. After evaluating the program for more than a year, the EPA concluded with a decision to delay the factory pollution permits to January 2011. The permit is required for a new factory facility to […]

Mudslinging tactics sully candidate issues

Every morning I go through the same routine: eat breakfast, watch Good Morning America, sit through negative commercials about California’s gubernatorial candidates and go to class. Lately, I have become a victim of pre-election bickering at its worst. Republican candidates Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner have made it clear that they’re running against each other […]

Balanced emphasis would be beneficial

On Dec. 5, 2009, we lost our final football game of the season to the  University of Arizona. On the same day, seven brave Trojans skipped the game to compete in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematics Competition — an excruciatingly difficult, six-hour, 12-question, national mathematics competition. As a past participant, I can attest to the […]

Issues of gender equality play out in Hollywood

Despite her recent best actress win at the Oscars, Sandra Bullock has faced devastating marital woes in the foreground of camera flashes, outshining what was supposed to be a momentous occasion in her career. The story plays out like your typical Hollywood cliché: On her upward climb to Academy success, the beautiful A-list actress spends […]

Scientific pursuits should not be feared

When I was little, I dribbled a fistful of soil into my mouth out of curiosity about its flavor. The yearning to learn the characteristics of our world is widespread. To some, the compulsion manifests itself in odd ways, but seekers of truth are a common species, curious always about everything: the origins of the […]

Cyber censorship exposes the Chinese

Google’s recent decision to stop censoring results on its Chinese website and redirect Chinese users to its uncensored Hong Kong site has caused substantial contention among various communities. The Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, the People’s Daily, denounced Google’s apparent objective and moral façade. The company is “not a virgin when it comes to values. […]

College brings new friends, ditches old

The unofficial relationship handbook describes multiple ways to break up with a significant other: via Facebook relationship statuses, texts, instant messages and Post-it notes. But when it comes to friends, there isn’t much literature about how to go about ending a relationship. When two friends have an argument, they deal with the matter alone. Most […]

Sample’s influence embodied in Nikias hire

On Thursday, March 11 before spring break, when I left my last class of the week to go home and pack, I quickly checked my e-mail. Upon first glance, I thought I received yet another e-mail from Provost C. L. Max Nikias. Instead, the subject line read “C. L. Max Nikias named 11th president of […]

Diets are costly in more than one way

Yuan Tao, a sophomore majoring in psychology, clutched a carton of eggs as she perused the refrigerated section at Superior Grocers in the University Village. A resident of Webb Tower, she sometimes finds the time to cook, spending about $100 a month to do so. But as she adjusted the eggs in the crook of […]