Next semester, renew student involvement

Today marks the last issue of the Daily Trojan this semester. To most, this doesn’t mean much, but to me — as today marks the end of three columns, four semesters with the Daily Trojan and two semesters as its editorial director — it carries intense emotional consequences that somehow feels like a closure to […]

Campus mental health ignores emotional intelligence

During my first month at USC, I watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix — all six seasons, with 22 episodes per season. I followed that closely with all seven seasons of the Aaron Sorkin masterpiece The West Wing and all seven seasons of the NBC fan-favorite Parks and Recreation, all in the span of a few […]

Bring napping pods to the University

I hit the “snooze” button three times this morning. It’s a fitting metaphor for my mental state as midterms continue to disturb my peace this week. But I am far from alone in experiencing a constant state of mental exhaustion that so many of my fellow Trojans find themselves in. So when I attend The Sleep […]

More nuanced dialogue should follow hate crime

There’s a beautiful fireplace outside my apartment complex, Cardinal Gardens. It’s often on at odd times, but when it is, the courtyard is enlivened with the kind of relaxing atmosphere to study with friends that just screams “college.” So when, earlier this week, a Facebook post revealed that a fellow Asian Pacific American was sitting […]

Diversity initiatives doomed without student momentum

Diversity is a pretty word. At face value, the word conjures up images of middle-school illustrations of differently colored people holding hands, standing on top of a badly drawn globe. And perhaps it is this view of diversity as a superficial ideal of American pluralism that drives the growing discrepancy in diversity conversations between students […]

Transparency should be USG’s next focus

Just last week, the Daily Trojan reported that Vice President for Student Affairs Ainsley Carry had begun holding regular office hours to facilitate conversations with any student who decides to come in and voice their concerns. The announcement provides increased access to high-level administrators — a welcome development to break down the monolith that is […]

New USG rules make elections democratic

As Trojans across campus stand upon the precipice of another Undergraduate Student Government election season — candidates’ websites will go live on Thursday — they are also mentally preparing themselves for the barrage of Facebook profile picture changes, debates between candidates and frenetic Trousdale Parkway campaigning that will color the next few weeks. It’s heartening […]

Sustainability 2020 is a step in the right direction for USC

As the fall semester came to a close, the Daily Trojan entered its winter hiatus,and students across campus started to leave for other parts of the country and world, thousands of students — I’m sure — clicked “trash” when they saw yet another memo from Provost Michael Quick. Unfortunately, doing so may have neglected one […]