Reality TV viewers perpetuate broken ideals

We, the public, demand a lot from our Hollywood stars. We’ve certainly had our way with the buxom blonde songstresses and ditzy heiresses, and we’ve preyed unremittingly on the clean-cut, sexually-curious boy banders, A-list couples in hiding and, of course, the young, physically abusive R&B entertainers. But somewhere on this path of unreasonable privacy invasion, […]

2001 – 2010: An on-campus ’SCodyssey

Since it was founded in 1880 with 53 students and 10 teachers, USC has expanded far beyond even the wildest dreams of its founders. In its seminal year, the university only managed to give diplomas to three people at the first graduation — how could they have known that someday, a USC alum would walk […]

Help promote another ten years of change

When USC graduates of decades past return to visit their alma mater, the reality that sets in as they step onto campus must be staggering. As they stroll along Trousdale, remembering the places where they learned or lived, they realize that the USC they attended no longer exists. In just 10 years, widespread growth and […]