Texting proves key to starting relationships

Every time my mother asks me if I’m seeing someone, I almost have the same exact answer. Besides cringing at the thought of talking about boys with her, I have to try and explain the act of “talking.” “No, Mom, I’m not official with someone yet, we’re just talking.” “Well, obviously you’re talking to the […]

USC should consider advantages of online undergraduate programs

USC claims a distinct difference between its graduate and undergraduate education programs, the latest example being the announcement Monday of new online degree programs for the former set. Online degree programs provide graduate students the unique flexibility to advance their education and pursue a career at the same time, allowing them both to more practically […]

Not all classroom technology is equal

The reformation of American education usually comes with technological changes. Educational institutions search for ways to use technology to effectively improve teaching and learning. Although the efforts are well-intentioned, how much technology is truly necessary? Some professors allow laptops as an option for note-taking — giving students the chance to use them for social networking […]