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Senate votes to go green

The Green Student Assembly will be the ninth assembly on USG’s Program Board.

In the bag

USC CalPIRG, as part of its “Save the Oceans” campaign, displays a chain of around 200 plastic bags in front of Tommy Trojan to spread awareness of single-use bags people use each year. CalPIRG said a single shopper uses an average of 200 bags in six months.

Students must keep green momentum going

The refrain that USC isn’t the most environmentally friendly campus has been beaten to death. Our facilities are not swathed in solar paneling and we don’t have wind turbines powering our dining hall kitchens. But there has been a respectable amount of progress in sustainability at USC in the last year. The Leadership in Energy […]

Earth Week is a chance to learn and have fun

Earth Week was fun when I was in elementary school. Each year, my class would bake cookies in solar-powered ovens or trek to some local park, where teachers would cheer on either Team Stratosphere or Team Thermosphere as they raced to collect the most trash. I recall testing the pH of nearby rivers and, after […]