Social devices can be used to foster connectivity

Last Friday, I stepped out from behind my screen long enough to enjoy an ancient form of entertainment: a play. Fittingly, the play was called Dead Man’s Cell Phone. The theatre department’s production tells the story of a woman who encounters a dead man at a cafe. Unable to forget the event, she takes his […]

Small breaks can ease distractions in class

The other day I was in class trying to understand what my professor was explaining when something else caught my eye. A few rows ahead of me, some guy was on his laptop watching a video on the Internet. I told myself to ignore it, but a little while later I caught myself trying to […]

Textual encounters not without consequence

In recent months, we’ve witnessed how a new form of communication — “sexting” — can lead to a lot of trouble. Just ask Tiger Woods, whose sexually charged cell phone chat with a mistress led to a sketchy police report, handfuls of dropped endorsements and months of tabloid turmoil. Ouch. A trend that’s spreading faster […]