Admissions should prize public service

This past January, Harvard University published a report detailing the cultural message received by high school students that personal success is more important than concern for community service, involvement and a genuine interest in helping other people. When it comes to applying for college, concern for the common good and other people is drowned out […]

POINT: New admissions application makes college more accessible

Recently, more than 80 universities — including all eight Ivy League schools — announced their adoption of an alternative to the traditional college application process. The new application, helmed by the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success, allows students to develop digital portfolios as early as the beginning of their high school careers. Expected to […]

Springing into ‘SC: Worth the Wait

May 1st is approaching quickly. For most of us, that’s probably an irrelevant date. But let’s take a moment and revisit our senior year of high school, when May 1st was more than just another day. In fact, it was the BIG day: The deadline to decide which big letters would adorn our crewneck sweaters […]