Music performance sparks interests in Wushu

Chinese Wushu was a fighting and defending technique during war time thousands years ago. In the modern society, Wushu lost its function in fighting, but transformed into a type of art performance. Wushu players call their weapons as instruments, and practice with music and beats. USC Wushu Nation cooperates with USC Kazan Taiko creating a […]

USC announces new school of dance

USC will gain a sixth school of the arts with the addition of the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance, President C. L. Max Nikias announced Friday in an open letter to the USC community. The school and the Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center at USC will be founded with the aid of an endowment […]

Zumba movement catching on, making working out easy

Across the world, Zumba fitness seems to be growing in popularity at an exponential rate. Whether you’re young, old, a fantastic dancer or a terrible one, everyone nowadays seems to be cranking up Latin music. Zumba is a relatively new craze that first hit the world in 2001, after fitness instructor Alberto Perez replaced his […]