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Soundboard: California Governor Elections

In the video above, USC students were asked on Thursday about the upcoming gubernatorial race between Democratic incumbent mayor Jerry Brown and Republican challenger Neel Kashkari. In a recent poll by the Los Angeles Times and the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, results revealed a high amount of political support for Brown while many were unable […]

Point/Counterpoint: Hurricane Sandy and Election 2012

Elena Kadvany: Point In 1972, the political term “October surprise” was coined. Twelve days before the presidential election between former president Richard Nixon and then-Sen. George McGovern, then-National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger announced that “peace was at hand” in Vietnam, changing the game on a crucial election issue that might have swayed many voters’ decisions […]

Letters to the editor

Tax policy numbers don’t lie Though both candidates have claimed roles as champions of the middle class in the recent presidential debates, I thought we better look at the facts hidden in both parties’ tax policy plans. The Democratic plan extends all the current income tax rates except for the top individual rate. In other […]

Student vote can affect community

America calls itself the inventor of modern democracy, yet with a mere 62 percent voter turnout for the last presidential election, voter participation in the United States is one of the lowest for any democratic country in the world. Nearly 40 percent of Americans forfeited their right — and civic duty — to vote in […]

Point/Counterpoint: The Final Presidential Debate

Point: Elena Kadvany There weren’t many surprises in tonight’s presidential debate. Moderator Bob Schieffer asked the expected questions about Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan and China. As always, there were many important topics left undebated — Greece, the Eurocrisis, Mexico’s drug war. The candidates were pretty civilized, nitpicking on some claims but also agreeing on […]