Disney movies assert nobility with nostalgic magnetism

What film last weekend swatted away the heavy hitter Moneyball, took down the family adventure Dolphin Tale and proved girls would pick wild fauna over Taylor Lautner? The Lion King, of course. Disney’s 3-D re-release of the 1994 classic, which has netted $66.4 million so far, has cast such a siren song over the country […]

Disney action-adventure flick falls short of precedent

From its aggressive advertising campaign to the conspicuous use of a colon in its title, it’s obvious that Disney hopes to create another Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster franchise like Pirates of the Caribbean with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The May 28 release combines flashy visual effects, chiseled muscles and vaguely Arabic imagery to […]

Soundtrack mixes Disney pop and eerie rock

A curious conglomeration of artists came together to form the questionable but well-meaning backtrack to Tim Burton’s latest cinematic creation. After watching Alice in Wonderland in theaters, moviegoers can now pick up a copy of Almost Alice, an album of songs inspired by the whimsical film. Though the album brings together an admirable amount of […]

Disney hits a snag after chairman resigns

Mickey surely lost one of his friends last Friday in the rotund Dick Cook. Much to Hollywood’s complete surprise, Cook, a proud USC alumnus, resigned as chairman of Walt Disney Studios.