Finding Dory: Pixar’s search for revitalisation

When I came across a poster for Finding Dory on Tumblr, I thought it was another wishful photoshop designed to remind Pixar fans of the inexcusable lack of Dory’s presence in the past decade. Many online reactions were disbelieving, given the unfortunate proximity to April Fools’ Day. When its release was confirmed, however, reactions were […]

Disney buyout should benefit Star Wars films

This week unquestionably saw the biggest entertainment news of the year with the announcement that Disney bought Lucasfilm for the blockbuster-worthy sum of $4.05 billion. The deal has plenty of long-lasting, far-reaching implications, but the vast majority of them have to do with one simple fact: From this day forward, the Mouse owns Star Wars. […]

Studios should produce quality, innovative animated films

The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, Toy Story: These are the animated films that have captured our hearts, wowed critics and defined our generation. These films catalyzed the new age of animation, kick-starting a rich and fresh visual style and incorporating new and interesting conceits — animated animation, if you will. Today, however, these […]

Fairytale movies including ‘Snow White’ headed to big screen

America has hopped on a fairytale wagon with films like the upcoming Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman, both due this year. Perhaps the success of 2006’s Pan’s Labyrinth got the wheels turning. Though an original story, the magical, fairies and fauns meshed well with civil war Spain. As well, Disney’s 2009 The […]

Ex-Disney chief named Paramount animation head

David Stainton, formerly the President of Walt Disney Feature Animation, has been appointed President of Paramount’s up-and-coming in-house animation division, the company announced Oct. 10. Mr. Stainton’s experience, which includes 17 years at Disney, is expected to be extremely useful for the fledgling Paramount Animation. According to a press release on the appointment, he helmed […]