USC College Republicans say #NeverTrump, but #NeverEverHillary

#NeverTrump, but #NeverEverHillary. As a conservative Republican voter, I have always believed in the values of fiscal responsibility, cultural traditionalism and small government. Unfortunately for me and other like-minded voters, neither of the major presidential candidates this election cycle truly embodies any of these values. While it is abundantly clear that Hillary Clinton is an […]

Trump’s sexist quip mobilizes women

While this year’s presidential debates have provided plenty of fodder for memes and late night skits, it was the third and final debate that seemed to create the largest trend the fastest. In fact, Forbes claims that an entire economy was created: “The Nasty Woman Economy.” From “wrong” to “no, you’re the puppet,” Republican presidential […]

GOP — practice what you preach

While Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump dismissed it as “locker room banter,” people across social media were quick to call out the dangerous nature of the now infamous Trump tapes, in which Trump, among other things, discusses kissing and grabbing women “by the p—y.” After the tape was released, one Twitter user, first introduced by […]