Variety boosts fitness

Working out doesn’t have to be a hassle. Check out these fitness ideas for inspiration.

Rebuild routines to break dry spells

Having a consistent exercise routine is crucial for staying fit. But, in the hubbub of college life, it’s hard to maintain stable routines. For a couple months, a combination of birthday-related indulgences and a midterm-heavy schedule left me out of shape, with no time to exercise. Everyone knows it’s important to rebuild solid exercise habits, […]

Focus on the core to stay fit and healthy

Though summertime is winding down, the warm weather lasts much longer in Southern California, leaving more time to focus on getting that beach body. And more often than not, a good beach body means excellent abdominals. Six packs. Abs. Action stars have them, people want them and fitness programs market themselves on their ability to […]

Finding variation in exercise is key

Can exercising outside really improve your mental well being? According to a recent study, the answer is yes. But before you throw on a pair of sneakers and sunglasses, take a moment to reconsider this hypothesis. On Feb. 3, Environmental Science and Technology published a study that analyzed how people felt after exercising both indoors […]

Chocolate milk more than a simple snack

Water bottles are so last season. The next time you head to the gym, replace that H2O with a good old-fashioned glass of chocolate milk. Yes, this is what doctors and athletes are saying these days: Chocolate milk is now the ultimate sports drink. In recent years, chocolate milk has evolved from an elementary school […]

Burning calories, if you know what I mean

CNN published a story at the beginning of January outlining the possible health advantages of having sexual intercourse. These benefits will soon be revealed in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. And just like a captivated puppy, every college student in the country just perked up one ear. The article said that people who have frequent […]