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Dressing up means expressing yourself

As I looked around my friend’s East Coast dorm room, something caught my eye — or rather, the absence of something. It was an item that I had taken for granted, an item that I presumed every college student — at least, female college student — was in possession of. A costume box. Apparently party […]

Style commandments to start the new year

I don’t understand a variety of things. I don’t understand people who choose — without being physically threatened — to major in economics. I don’t understand why tourists flock to Times Square on New Year’s Eve to see a completely unsatisfying ball drop. And I don’t understand people who put ketchup on their eggs. But though […]

Maxi dresses are perfect comfort solution for students

It’s difficult to find an outfit that is comfortable for the sweltering heat outside and the freezing air-conditioning inside. Although it seems like there’s no way you can win, you can use this problem as an opportunity to explore a long maxi dress. This dress allows for ventilation to combat the scorching weather and coverage to […]

Students should choose wedges over heels

This advice will help you stumble a little bit less while walking on the notoriously uneven pavement of The Row. Take a stand, quite literally, against finding yourself two meters from where you intended because you’re stuck in the grass or cracks in the pavement. To solve these problems, ditch the high heels and wear […]

Creative tactics provide college-budget fashion

Walking around campus and talking to a variety of students can lead to the discovery of a wide range of  tricks to get more out of your college budget. Here are three highly recommended shortcuts.   eBay You can find almost anything you want from eBay with dramatic price reductions. One of the drawbacks of […]

Vintage fashion offers students many options

Vintage is unstoppable. From daily life to the red carpet this trend is dominating the scenes. It’s everywhere: high-wasted shorts, sunglasses, sweaters with logos and floor length dresses. Vintage differentiates itself from other trends, however, as it is a skill to find it and wear it well. For a more hands on approach, spend some […]

Fashion, art and culture collide with copyright issues

Los Angeles Fashion Week was just amongst us. The nine-day event began March 9 and ended March 18th. The event tied fashion with television series’, charity associations and other cultural inspirations. Friday wrapped up the event on a trendy note with the GO Red for Women Celebrity Red Dress Fashion Show for the American Heart […]