Pop-up restaurants show off spontaneity and fresh cuisine

On Thursday, the Interfraternity and Panhellenic councils will once again host Food Truck Wars, a gastronomic event for charity. Plenty of participants will be there to lend a hand for your gluttonous revelry. Never tried biryani, the classic Indian rice dish, or a key lime cupcake? There’s a chance they could be available on Thursday […]

New law impedes growth of food truck industry

Food trucks are lovely things. Normal restaurants are usually more well-regarded than food trucks because of their stability, but these trucks are much more accessible because of their ability to move. Migrating from sidewalk to sidewalk and offering a variety of cuisines, food trucks are a surging industry in Los Angeles. Just walk along the […]

Meet Sura — the hot new food truck in town

The new Sura food truck provides affordable and delectable options for both health- and taste-conscious Korean food enthusiasts. My first impression upon seeing the Sura truck was that it served more genuine Korean food than other food trucks selling similar products, since it spelled “Korean Rice Bowls” as “Corean Rice Bowls” (spelling “Korea” with a “C” […]