Paying Congress more will not solve problems

It was a statement that only a Congressman who isn’t up for reelection could make. “I think the American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid,” said Representative James Moran, a Democrat from Virginia who is retiring at the end of this session, in an interview with CQ Roll Call. For background, […]

Marijuana debate clouds reality

The arguments claiming that decriminalizing marijuana will end the influence of Mexican drug cartels and bring in billions of dollars in tax revenue are incessantly echoed in America — and both were strategically used this year to successfully convince voters to legalize the drug in Washington and Colorado. Students, especially, have been quick to embrace […]

Young voters look to buck trend

As polls continue to report a drop in interest among young voters, the atmosphere on college campuses like USC speaks to a different trend. “You’re voting for Romney?” an outraged Kevin Li yelled across Trousdale Parkway. “No way man, Obama all the way!” “Hey, Romney’s pretty damn good!” his friend Bernie Yang volleyed back. Though […]