How effective will the new strict Conn gun reform law be?

Lawmakers need to do more to restrict other kinds of guns and ammunition, as well as more strict background checks. According to CNN, the Connecticut state government, reacting to the Sandy Hook massacre from December, has created a new law designed to decrease the deadliness of American weapons in its state. The new law, which […]

Metal detectors are necessary in hospitals

Two decades since gun violence erupted on the scene at the USC Medical Center in 1993, Los Angeles County has decided to move on from the incident by planning to remove metal detectors and scanners from many major medical centers by the beginning of this summer. According to the Los Angeles Times, L.A. County plans […]

Citizens must defend right to bear arms

Two stories have dominated the news cycle over the last couple months: the upcoming presidential election and multiple shocking instances of gun violence. The mass shooting in an Aurora, Colo. movie theater in July, the murder of Sikhs in a Wisconsin temple in August and the shooting at the Empire State Building a few weeks […]