Shows encourage misguided representation of politicians

For some, Valentine’s Day means flowers, chocolate and a dinner-date with a significant other. This was not the case for me, though I did partake in the purchase of some on-sale chocolate the next day. On Singles Awareness Day, I binge-watched the new second season of House of Cards, which Netflix released on Feb. 14. […]

Binge-watching detracts from TV-viewing experience

Valentine’s Day and the long weekend for President’s Day made last weekend perfect for bingeing. No, I don’t mean the type of bingeing where you drown your loneliness and sorrow in a box of chocolate; I mean binge-watching “House of Cards.” The highly-anticipated second season of the political drama premiered in its entirety on Netflix […]

New streaming business model paves way

When kids in the modern day want to kick back with their favorite television show after a long, hard day’s work, very few turn on their actual television sets. With the advent of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and dozens of other streaming sites, as well as the handy DVR and TiVo recording devices, the idea […]