Does the US need to intervene in the Syria conflict?

The U.S. has a moral responsibility to aid those suffering in a civil conflict and stop the use of chemical weapons.  According to CNN, last week’s chemical attacks in the Syrian province of Aleppo might have been carried out by the Syrian army, though the army insists that it was the work of rebels. In […]

US too dependent on foreign oil

In an effort to lessen our dependence on a finite resource, President Barack Obama this week called for a repeal of billions of dollars in government subsidies to oil companies. The repealed subsidies amount to $4 billion annually. The president said the money can be invested directly into what he believes is the future of […]

Web-based activism seeks to keep e-masses in the know

It always seems the Internet is under attack. Every week some fresh outrage breaks out over something that has appeared online. Sometimes it’s a morality issue stemming from some indecent website or video. This time the website in question is The site recently leaked footage from 2007 that shows an attack by American helicopters […]