Round 2: The aftermath of the Obama-Romney debate

Obama’s performance: Elena Kadvany Tonight, the real president showed up. President Barack Obama was passionate, focused, eloquent, defensive — in short, he was the man who inspired so many voters four years ago, the man who still has the power to do so today. The town hall format of the second presidential debate forced Obama […]

Blaming film hinders free speech rights

Obama has simply added fuel to the fire, in the process essentially giving anti-democratic leaders in the Middle East justification for cracking down on speech and individual liberty — concepts without which there is no hope of establishing sustainable democracy in the region.

What foreign policy strategy will best serve America?

In light of last week’s assassination of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and the murder of three other Americans, coupled with the spread of anti-American sentiment and attacks across the Middle East, foreign policy has begun to overshadow economic policy in the 2012 presidential election. The Middle East embassy attacks also highlight a serious […]

United Stated hopes to repeat successful Libya strategy

The Obama administration has the chance to claim a much-needed victory in the Middle East, where Libyan rebels were finally able to take control over their capital city of Tripoli. Even though former Libyan dictator Qaddafi is still thought to be at large, the combined efforts of the NATO coalitions’ air attacks seem to have […]

US too dependent on foreign oil

In an effort to lessen our dependence on a finite resource, President Barack Obama this week called for a repeal of billions of dollars in government subsidies to oil companies. The repealed subsidies amount to $4 billion annually. The president said the money can be invested directly into what he believes is the future of […]