Letter to the editor

The importance of volunteerism As one of the leading universities in the country, USC should make volunteerism a requirement for graduation and aim to focus its resources on promoting volunteerism on campus if it wants its students to have a greater impact on the world. College is the time to explore your interests and to […]

LA County lacks racial integration

Sometime last week, I was walking across campus and talking with a friend about Los Angeles. The talk was engaging, but at one point he mentioned that he does not believe Los Angeles to be a particularly segregated city. His case is rooted in the fact that the city’s diversity is remarkable in terms of […]

Fences remain, keeping community out

All are now well aware of the fact that, over winter break, the university implemented several new security measures. The most visible is the construction of multiple new fences on the north side of campus, as well as a barrier on the south side of campus, across Trousdale Parkway. Nevertheless, during the three weeks in […]

Students can help reduce pollution

When we agreed to attend university in Los Angeles, a smoggy skyline was the catch to palm trees, beaches and year-round good weather. But air pollution remains much more than an ugly stain on the Southern California aesthetic — and more, even, than an environmental issue. Research conducted by USC and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles […]

USC must maintain open campus

One of the most admirable actions taken by USC for the local community has been keeping its campus open to local residents so it can serve as a community as well as a student space. USC’s open-campus policy is one that celebrates the coexistence of the university and its neighbors, in spite of enormous differences […]