COLUMN: Do politicians in Los Angeles make the grade?

In elementary and middle school, report cards were always effective in influencing student progression. Even then, however, complaints arose arguing that report cards weren’t accurate measures of determining development. But in a greater sense, that’s untrue. Report cards allow assessment of character highs and lows, specific areas for improvement and overall achievement. That’s why creating […]

State, nation should not grant amnesty

Last Wednesday, Los Angeles City Council members approved the creation of a controversial city identification card that could be used by illegal immigrants to open bank accounts and access city services, such as libraries. The purpose of the cards is to incorporate Los Angeles’ vast undocumented population into civic life. This new policy only exacerbates […]

University plan neglects local businesses

The Village at USC project might have cleared its final major hurdle last Wednesday when it was officially approved by a Los Angeles City Council committee. The University Village redevelopment project, however, still represents the bare minimum effort put forward by the university to accommodate community interests. At a public hearing last August, the City […]