Ambles returns to practice Markeith Ambles returned to the practice field Tuesday ­— sort of. The wide receiver spent the morning practice running and doing disciplinary drills in what was just the latest in a string of punishments for the sophomore. Ambles missed Saturday’s practice at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and offered no excuse […]

Spring rings in hope for Kiffin and Trojans

The torrential rains of the last few days have not been a coincidence. They are a clear message from the college football gods, who know spring practice begins today: “We’re watching you.” USC is near the midway point of paying for its “sins” — and I use that word loosely, considering all the inconsistent rulings […]

Ambles unable to redshirt

Ambles has participated in three plays this season, all against Hawaii in the season opener, disqualifying him from attaining redshirt status.