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Critical thinking proves essential

The link between the concept of behavioral economics and college students is critical thinking, the ability to gather relevant information from different fields of study to help us make a rational decision. While most universities include critical thinking in their mission statements, it is essential for USC to provide more opportunities for students to improve […]

Marshall aims to improve energy and IT efficiency

The Marshall School of Business has implemented a new initiative from Verdiem Surveyor, a major provider of IT energy management and efficiency software. The new system aims to successfully reduce energy expended by PCs and Macs on Marshall’s IT network without negatively impacting users or the IT system as a whole. A primary objective of […]

Not your everyday business school

USC’s Marshall School of Business’s research efforts expand well beyond the practical application of a business education.

Lecture on technology to be held tomorrow by Annenberg, Marshall

The effects of technology are widespread in today’s day and age.  By impacting the media and countless industries, technology now holds the ultimate power over us all.  Tomorrow, April 14, Harvard Business School Professor Anita Elberse will be analyzing and discussing this matter with USC Annenberg Dean Ernest J. Wilson III and Professor Christopher Holmes Smith. The […]