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University plan neglects local businesses

The Village at USC project might have cleared its final major hurdle last Wednesday when it was officially approved by a Los Angeles City Council committee. The University Village redevelopment project, however, still represents the bare minimum effort put forward by the university to accommodate community interests. At a public hearing last August, the City […]

Fresh, dynamic class options are needed

In high school, a misconceived picture of college is painted: a utopia that is not only free of parental supervision, but one where students can also explore their interests by taking whatever classes they want. I transferred to USC my junior year, but at neither at NYU nor USC did I ever feel like I […]

Mayor’s gang-prevention program ineffective

Gang activity is difficult to measure. Different organizations have different ways of defining a gang member, and the competing systems lead to discrepancies in reports on levels of gang activity. This ambiguity makes it hard to tell whether gang-prevention programs are effective. It’s even harder to connect the efforts of any one program to perceived […]