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Springfest, Relay need to coordinate dates

Springfest is what brings us together. It is that glorious time of year when every non-Californian USC student can pretend he is on The O.C. assuming the show was ever edgy enough to land a performer like T-Pain. The annual attraction is eagerly awaited by students because of the food, comraderie and performances. Unless, of […]

Commencement needs a female presence

1924 was a banner year for USC. The university held its first formal homecoming ceremony, inaugurated the first school of international relations in the country and, on a stifling Wednesday in June, gathered to hear its first female commencement speaker, Aurelia Henry Reinhardt,  give her remarks. It is doubtful that the woman once dubbed, with […]

Partisan cuts try to lower NPR volume

As ridiculous at it seems to kick commentators to the curb for essentially doing their job, it is far more outrageous to cut the funding of a system that produces quality programs, especially considering who the cuts would actually hurt.

California budget falls short with teachers, students

Three unenrolled students came to my Spanish class the first day, hoping to finagle a spot on the roster. Two doggedly returned the following class, forcing the teacher to shoo them away with a pained expression  — her class was already one over the roster limit. The students left and the rest of the class […]