Soda ban intrudes on personal freedom

Monday afternoon, just hours before New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on large sugary drinks was to take effect, a state judge blocked the measure because of the law’s “arbitrary and capricious” nature.   The court held that the city’s Board of Health encroached on the authority of the City Council in its […]

Technology helps boost fitness, sexual health

Many health experts decry technology for encouraging a sedentary lifestyle. The phrase “couch potato” comes to mind. But when used properly, technology can help people stay on top of their health. Public health experts need to start using technology as a tool to help people be healthier, and people need to start using the resources […]

New law impedes growth of food truck industry

Food trucks are lovely things. Normal restaurants are usually more well-regarded than food trucks because of their stability, but these trucks are much more accessible because of their ability to move. Migrating from sidewalk to sidewalk and offering a variety of cuisines, food trucks are a surging industry in Los Angeles. Just walk along the […]