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Panelists speak on the piracy of adult films

On Wednesday night, the School of Cinematic Arts in conjunction with Wicked Pictures and Takedown Piracy hosted a panel called “The Piracy of Sex: A Conversation with Jessica Drake and Nate Glass,” hosted by David Lerner, an adjunct faculty at SCA. Jessica Drake is a sex educator and performer, writer and director for Wicked Pictures, […]

Online piracy poses little risk to business

When 26-year-old computer programmer and political activist Aaron Swartz committed suicide last Friday, news of his death spread across the Internet with the same speed as the viral videos and the applications he had helped to produce. At the time of his death, he faced unnecessarily harsh felony charges entailing a possible 35-year sentence and […]

Comics adapt to revolutionary digital age

Like many other old school mediums, comic books are being forced to adapt to the digital age. In the last year, comics have jumped onto the digital bandwagon rather than just awkwardly putting one foot in. The major companies have adopted day and date digital releases, meaning all readers get their issues at the same […]