Symposium’s call for non-partisanship is essential

From brutal campaign ads to personal attacks to the not-so-friendly moniker Barrack Hussein, the battlefield of politics has been particularly nasty in recent years. Such nastiness is rooted in rigid partisanship, which has contributed to an endemic inability of lawmakers of different parties to work with one another. In the midst of this national fiasco, […]

Santorum unwittingly alienates the conservative youth vote

After the last presidential election, one would think that Republicans, Democrats, Independents—you name it—would have come to value the younger voting demographic a little more,  particularly college students. One would think. Many politicians have passed up the opportunity to pander to youth, but few have outright insulted this group of potential voters. As it  happens, […]

Colleges cannot wield political influence

For many high school students, the months after applying to college become an incredibly fragile time. Uncertainty about the future makes this group particularly vulnerable to external social and political influences, especially when these influences come from colleges themselves. Taking advantage of this vulnerability will ultimately damage higher education by cultivating a student body that […]