Students can help reduce pollution

When we agreed to attend university in Los Angeles, a smoggy skyline was the catch to palm trees, beaches and year-round good weather. But air pollution remains much more than an ugly stain on the Southern California aesthetic — and more, even, than an environmental issue. Research conducted by USC and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles […]

Study finds damaging effects of pollution

A study conducted by USC Professor and senior author Caleb Finch found that freeway pollution resulted in significant neuron damage for mice. This was the first study to explore the physical effect of freeway pollution on brain cells. In the study mice were exposed to a synthetic combination of floating freeway matter. The mice were […]

Ambitious proposal a little too green

When I’m craving some In-N-Out, a BJ’s pizzookie or Diddy Riese, Westwood is my destination. With a car full of people, I make the trek to Bruin land and usually park in the parking structure on Broxton Avenue. The lot is often busy, so I drive past the long, empty row of spots reserved as […]

Global warming does not have political ties

On most mornings, I leave my apartment looking forward to the day ahead of me. I swing open the front door and mount my bike, eager to ride through campus on a beautiful Southern California day. That is, until I notice a haze dulling the morning sky. Alas, I try to convince myself that it’s […]