Students should reach out to USC professors

Especially now that the semester is ending, it is vital to get on your professors’ good sides. No, I don’t mean becoming the ass-kisser who sits in the front row and relentlessly participates for brownie points, making everyone else inwardly (sometimes outwardly) groan. Professors see through fake behavior just as well as other students do; […]

Students can learn the art of skating by

There is a delicate art to passing a class while putting in the bare minimum effort. This isn’t necessarily borne out of laziness, but sometimes our schedules are just too full and there are other priorities besides required classes or general education.

Professors justify the high USC pricetag

Famous rock stars that serve as professors — those are our tuition dollars at work. And for good reason. If you haven’t heard, rock musician Steve Miller has joined the USC faculty this semester to work with undergraduates in the popular music and music industry programs. When a university attracts acclaimed musicians such as Miller […]