Seven habits of highly ineffective governors

With Gov. Schwarzenegger’s second term about to wrap up, several names have begun to surface as his possible replacement, with California Attorney General Jerry Brown and eBay CEO Meg Whitman currently leading the polls. The campaign has yet to hit its stride, but with the financial disarray that California has been stewing in, the race […]

Nikias is the best choice for Sample’s successor

Replacing a president of Steven B. Sample’s caliber won’t be easy. His leadership and poise have launched this university to unprecedented heights. Though Sample has accomplished much, his work is anything but finished. In the hectic interim, it is critical that USC selects the right candidate to carry on Sample’s legacy. The search seems daunting, […]

If the president could respond with candor

Last week at a town hall meeting in Louisiana, fourth-grader Tyren Scott asked President Barack Obama, “Why do people hate you?” Obama smiled. There was no chink in his armor. It was a loaded question, yet Obama answered in stride. He told Tyren that he still had a lot of supporters and that people must […]

Christmas creep misguided in crisis

Mozart, Picasso, Wright, Shakespeare, Dylan, Dickens. Point out one who doesn’t belong. Dylan, right? Wrong. That’s Bob Dylan we’re talking about, and he completely belongs. So when I heard he was releasing an album this Tuesday, I looked up everything I could about it. I was very disappointed when I found out it was a […]

Banks stay afloat by unfairly gouging customers

Intelligent isn’t a word I like to throw out all that often. It infers that a person is rational and consistently makes smart decisions. Idiot, on the other hand, I use daily. Whether it’s me or someone else, it doesn’t take much to fit that bill. So back in high school when my friend Carlton […]

Uptick in campus safety unnoticed

The other day my friend suggested we drive to Downtown LA. In response, I handed him a list of the top five things I’d rather do than drive through LA traffic, which included watching The Oprah Winfrey Show, eating at Arby’s and watching UCLA beat USC in football. Needless to say, I think I got […]

An open letter to the Grand Old Party

Dear Republican Party, I’m afraid things just aren’t working out between us anymore. Please don’t be alarmed by this. I know this is sudden but I have concerns that you may be losing your stability now that you’ve been out of power for nine months. Recently, your followers even went after the president for having […]

Naysayers overlook CARS’ value

Although cynics will point out that the $3-billion bill is just another example of the wasteful government spending, the reality is that CARS has generated tremendous profit.

Swine flu less dangerous than shoddy coverage

Back when I was 10 years old, I took a nasty spill on my bike and felt a searing pain in my arm. Now I’m not a doctor, but I correctly diagnosed myself with a broken bone; I was right back then, so I figure I’m on about the level of a licensed physician by […]