Romantic rejection leads to bright future

At this time of year, your summer glows are fading, the world is getting colder — like to 75 degrees — and the trees are letting go of their leaves and exposing their bare souls. It’s October, and change is certainly in the air. It’s OK to be afraid of this change. You’re at the […]

Couples reflect racial tolerance

When my father was born in 1941 Oklahoma, African-Americans could not share water fountains or school pencils with Caucasians, let alone date them. My, how times have changed. Though it comes with its own set of problems, interracial dating has become less of a dangerous endeavor and more of — dare I say it? — […]

Navigating one-night stands proves tricky

Perhaps you’re already an expert at navigating the tumultuous waters of the one-night stand — if that’s the case, congratulations. But most Trojans aren’t quite sure about the best way to handle rolling over and finding someone they don’t remember meeting from the night before. Don’t worry, though: A simple set of suggestions can help […]

Romance does exist in rap music tracks

When it comes to Valentine’s Day songs, hip-hop is probably the last genre lovebirds look to for romantic music. For years, hip-hop has been branded as a male-dominated, chauvinistic music style. Those accusations are largely accurate, as rappers have been calling women names and rapping about mistreating them for more than 20 years. Dr. Dre […]

Romances that capture the comedy and tragedy of love

The new film Valentine’s Day, which opens today, offers audiences “a day in the life of love,” but, as most could easily predict, the film will not be offering anything new. Most Hollywood films about romance tend toward the same dull conventions of narrative and form — as is the case with Valentine’s Day. This […]