Artist Sheperd Fairey surprises two USC classes

Graphic artist Shepard Fairey, designer of the Barack Obama Hope poster, surprised two USC classes yesterday by dropping in to explain his life’s work of exposing cultural truths and inspiring social change through graphic and street art. Students in the School of Cinematic Arts’ IML 420: “New Media for Social Change” and the Roski School […]

Billboard markets ideas not materials

Traffic. Even as the source of many Angelenos’ collective frustration, it surprisingly provides the only time we get to sit in one place. And when we get stuck bumper-to-bumper, we try to find other modes of entertainment. If we simply sit in the car and let our eyes roam, they will undoubtedly fall on the […]

Signature piece

Street artist Shepard Fairey autographs an Andre the Giant poster, for which he became famous after pasting posters of the image around the world. Program Board and USC Spectrum hosted “Revolution with Shepard Fairey” Wednesday night in the campus center.

Fairey plays influential role in evolution of street art

Street artists are usually seen as troublemakers. Many tamper with public property, create controversial pieces with charged messages and sometimes end up being arrested for the art they create. One of the biggest issues any street artist encounters is getting his or her work accepted as actual art. It’s tough to convince the average civilian […]